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Well, Why Not?

When we left Facebook (FANTASTIC decision, by the way), my folks and other relatives/friends were rather chagrined because they wouldn’t be able to enjoy photos of the kiddos or stay in touch with the family.

So we now have a family blog.

Soon I will set Courtney up as an administrator and she can help the others put posts and pictures up here as well.

But for now, I shall open up this blog with its first photos from our very own father/son camping trip. If you’ve been keeping up on the Idaho news, you’ll know that most of our forests are burning, so it was no small task to find a camping area that wasn’t on fire. Fortunately, they found just such a place at Lost Valley Reservoir. (You can click on any picture to ‘bigify’ it.)

 All three of the men took turns driving up the winding mountain roads:


They enjoyed the comforts of a camp fire:


And caught themselves a mess of fish:

In fact, since they had some time to spare on the way home, they stopped at a local fishing hole once they got back into town:

Can anyone guess what’s on the menu for dinner tonight?

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