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Heart Stopping Moments

Before I take the steps to make this blog private, I need to have the time to do it.

But in the meantime, I’ll share our latest heart stopping moment.

Most of you have already heard about Court’s accident, but some may not have.

Thank you to those who prayed for her. I have even been told that when the news reached our church’s Jr. High Winter Camp up in the mountains, they stopped what they were doing and had a prayer meeting for her.

I am humbly overwhelmed at the love, compassion and care shown towards our daughter.

On Friday, January 11, around 9:40 at night, Court was heading home from work in Meridian on the same route she always takes.

Going a safe 35 mph.

It had snowed on top of freezing rain a few days previous and the temps plummeted to below freezing, creating a sheet of ice on the roads.

Unfortunately, the route she chose was one of the worst, unsanded routes in the valley.

In the two days it snowed, Idaho State Police alone responded to ninety nine collisions and over thirty slide offs in the valley. That count does not include the number of calls the Ada County and Canyon County Sheriffs responded to. The roads were that bad.

The very moment she realized that she did not have her rig in four wheel drive, the back wheels caught ice and fishtailed. She steered into the slide as she has done a dozen times, only to have the car do its own thing as another set of headlights crested the hill head on.

As she attempted to steer the vehicle out of harms way (keep in mind, there was no moon that night and she was out in the boonies in the pitch dark), she hit an embankment on the edge of a field. As the front right tire caught the embankment, the car catapulted straight up into the air, landed on the back window (shattering it) and rolled twice, landing on the driver’s side. A foot away from a telephone pole.

As my precious baby lay there on her side, checking to see for any blood (she had bumped her head on the driver’s side window), she thought she heard people screaming and shouting through the broken back window. Turns out the occupants in car that was cresting over the hill at the time of her wreck saw the entire thing and called 9-1-1. They thought she was either seriously injured or worse.

Talk about God’s provision. It is not unusual to be out alone on that stretch of road at that time of night. Further, another person happened upon the scene right around the time of the accident: and he just so happened to be a firefighter.

Coincidence? I think not.

As Court lay there in her car, mere seconds had passed by and she had the presence of mind to turn off the engine. As she scrambled to look for her phone (it had been silenced and in her purse – her practice while driving – and everything in her purse had flown out and around the vehicle), the firefighter called to her through the broken back window. When she responded, he crawled in and told her to stay still as he assessed her. After he was satisfied that she was indeed not seriously injured, another man from the other car that stopped crawled through the back window and the two of them helped her out of the car.

The firefighter continued to evaluate her and the group of young people in the other car took her in their vehicle to keep her warm and let her use their phone to call us.

The emergency responders were already on the way, thanks to their quick thinking.

(Both Patrick and Courtney said that as the emergency responders directed any traffic around the scene, there were vehicles, including heavy 4×4 trucks, sliding all over the road. Another accident happened near there the next morning.)

Now, call it weird. Call it spooky. Call it what you want.

But Patrick and I knew something was wrong even before the phone rang.

We both had an unsettled feeling.

When she called and said she’d been in an accident, that she rolled the car, my heart stopped beating.

She said she was okay, but that could mean a thousand things.

My baby could have died.

I knew she would have been buckled up, praise the Lord, as she always is.

When Patrick and the boys raced as carefully as they could to the scene (only three miles away), I crumbled into Beth’s arms and wept and wept.

Shaking, I sent out a text to ask people to pray, never dreaming of the outpouring of concern and love that was shown towards our family.

My sweet friend Brandie came over to sit with me while we waited for Pat to call.

At the scene, the police officer on duty was a man who attends our church from time to time.

Some friends stopped on their way home from where they had been to make sure everything was okay.

What comfort.

And as Courtney sat in the warm car of the people who had stopped to help her, she learned they were a group of young people on their way to a bar.

She expressed her surprise that they were going to a bar when the roads were in such dire conditions. She then shared her faith and told them that she knows if she wouldn’t have survived that, because of Christ, she would have gone to heaven. Digging around in what was left of her purse, she found a gospel tract and asked them to read it. When she looked out of the van window as she and her brothers and dad were pulling away from the scene, she saw one of the young men in the back seat reading the tract.

Please pray for their salvation.

On the way to the emergency room, Patrick stopped by the house so I could hold my daughter tight.

I did not want to let go.

Amazingly, the doctor pronounced mild whiplash and body aches and pains.

A visit to the chiropractor a few days later helped to ease some of her discomfort.

Court is still very tired and sore, head achy and a little fuzzy.

But considering the alternative, I’ll take that any day.

One look at her Isuzu Rodeo and you would think the accident wasn’t that bad.

But it is one tough car and cushioned her beautifully. The air bags, curiously enough, did not deploy, which we are thankful for. It would have panicked her more and maybe even added other injuries.

Here are the end results of the totaled vehicle. Keep in mind that the undercarriage is a mess:

wreck edit

court wreck5

wreck edit 2

"The Cone of Shame" as she so humorously put it.

“The Cone of Shame” as she so humorously put it.

Praise God from Whom all blessings flow.


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