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Blood is thicker than water.

Well, that’s what ‘they’ say.

And after viewing some photos recently, I think I’ll have to agree.

See for yourself:

This is my dad’s dad, Everett:

And, bearing a striking resemblance to him, is my dad, Jim, a few years back:

And here we have Austin. That blood is mighty thick:

It could just about be the same guy.

But wait! Don’t order yet!

Because things are about to get even creepier!

Here is a photo of my brother, Don, a *few* years and grey hairs ago:

No, that wasn’t the creepy part.

But the fact that Jimmy has another twin that’s 28 years older than him named Don, well…

…that’s the creepy part.

Add to that the fact that my dad, James, looks like more like my son, Austin than he does my son James, even though James and Austin are identical twins, and my son, James, looks like my brother, Don, whose eyebrows, along with James and Austin’s eyebrows, REMARKABLY resemble this man’s eyebrows, who is my maternal grandfather whose name is DON also:

Well, it just doesn’t get any thicker than that.



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Tomorrow they will be seventeen.

And what I want to know is, when on earth did they go from this:

To this?:

At times it feels like it was overnight.

Other times, it feels like an eternity.

Like when they were too little to make it to the bathroom to throw up and puked all over the carpeting, each other and the bedding instead.

Those days felt like an eternity.

But now the apron strings have been cut and they are well on their way to soaring out of the nest.

My only consolation in this bittersweet hour is that I have one and a half more years before they graduate.

One more year before they turn eighteen.

I can’t wait to see what the Lord has planned for their lives.

But for today, I thought we could take a little walk down memory lane.

Care to join me?

So here I am in all my twin pregnancy glory. When it was all said and done, I measured over 63 centimeters. The boys weighed 6 lbs, 12 oz and 7 lbs, 1 oz respectively.

Aye yi yi.

In the blink of an eye…


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  • You’re shopping in Nordstrom’s and blaring over the speakers is music from Devo, The Cure and The Clash. Must be the new ‘classic rock’.
  • You comment to your teenager on how cool it is that ‘Topsiders’ have made a comeback, only to be met with a blank stare. I guess they’re now called ‘Boat Shoes’.

  • Antique stores sell items you were familiar with in your childhood: Rotary dial phones, record players, Holly Hobbie ovens, metal Snoopy lunchboxes and an original pair of Kanga Roos.
  • O.P. was THE brand name to wear in elementary school, yet it is now sold at Walmart.
  • You see a photograph of an old woman and realize you’re looking at a recent shot of Cheryl Tiegs.
  • You come to the realization that all of the ‘Brady’ kids are eligible for AARP memberships.
  • Your children cannot comprehend a world without household computers, cell phones, iPods and microwaves.
  • You can remember the days before household computers, cell phones, iPods and microwaves.

  • You remember when T.V. Dinners came in foil trays and were baked in an oven.  And that the macaroni and cheese was the best.
  • You wonder how, as a child,  your entire family found time every Monday night to sit down and watch the Cosby Show,  followed by Family Ties. And you somehow managed to eat dinner, get your homework done and ride your bike.
  • You ever owned anything made by Garanimals.
  • You’re a female and ever sported a ‘Tenille’ or ‘Dorothy Hamill’ haircut.
  • You ever owned a pair of Hash jeans.
  • Your mom sent you out the door with two quarters to call home in the event of an emergency.

  • You camped out in your back yard without fear of a perv living down the road.
  • You ever owned a giant Bonne Belle chapstick.
  • You’re a male and you ever attempted to eat the chocolate Bonne Belle chapstick.
  • You ever layered two polo shirts.
  • And you wore them with Lawman jeans.

  • You still call your DVD player the ‘VCR’.
  • Your teenage daughter comes home with a striped, baggy shirt entirely too much like the one you wore in fifth grade.  So you could look like a member of The Go-Go’s. She, however, does not know who the Go-Go’s are. Thank the Lord.
  • You remember when Post-It Notes made their debut.
  • You lived during the times when everyone drank soda pop and ate Dortios. And no one worried about the ingredients.
  • You owned an Atari but spent most of your time playing outside.

Not that I qualify for ANY of this, mind you…..


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