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We went to downtown Nampa today (living the wild life, we know, we know) to take our family’s annual Christmas card photo.

I have a new camera this year, so it was fun to set up the tripod (courtesy of my bro and sis in law) and snap some creative pics.

Of course, with two almost seventeen year old young men in the mix, we couldn’t walk away without at least a few humorous shots.

I’ll be mailing out the family pic sometime after Thanksgiving.

In the meantime, I’ll let James and Austin entertain you:



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Friday Funnies

Beth and her friend, K, have no idea I am posting this.

I may have to find someplace to hide once they know what I have done.

But doesn’t it just make you laugh?

So the moral of the story?

If you’ve spent a hot summer day indoors goofing off with a camera, and you don’t want anyone publishing the resulting pictures on the internet, just delete them.

But yay for us that they didn’t!


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