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This was sent to me from my mother (Hi, Mom!).

I thought it was so profound and funny that I had to share it with my daughters!

And now I’m sharing it with all the moms and daughters who read our blog.

And I’d like to also turn it around and say,

“I smile because I’m your daughter. And I laugh because there is nothing you can do about it!”




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Perhaps it’s because I’m sick for the forty billionth time this year.

Or maybe it’s the Nyquil.

Either way, I could. not. stop. laughing! at these ‘Kid Snippets’.

Ohhhhh, my poor sore throat and sides which are now split.

Thanks for watching. Hope you laughed as much as we all did.


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Last night’s volleyball game had some added entertainment.

Our son.

He was asked to line judge.

And he never does anything in the traditional manner:

Calling the ball ‘in’:

Calling the ball ‘out’…..while catching it:

Calling the ball ‘in’ much like an air traffic controller on an aircraft carrier guides the jets for take off.

Either that, or much like a matador tempts the bull:

Thanks, Jimmy. You made the night all the more delightful.


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Thank you, my sweet girls, for making me smile!


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